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Creating TRT® Projects


Remember, all students of any degree of The Radiance Technique® can create a TRT® Project.

Design your project around a common interest or hobby and around TRT® Hands-on sessions.  Share sessions of Radiant Touch® with all the people in your project.  Then have the participants fill out a questionnaire after at least three sessions with you (ask TRTIA for sample questionnaires).  You can schedule your project to last weeks or months. When your project is complete, send the material to TRTIA.  Remember to include your own observations, too!

Each TRT® Project helps serve TRTIA’s Purpose #4:  to “explore and record the interaction of The Radiance Technique® with the living dynamic of people in their daily lives.”  You know what a difference TRT® has made in your daily life — create a TRT® Project to communicate experiences like yours to current and future generations!


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