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The Radiant Thousand Dollar Club

Please join in supporting TRTIA with the Radiant, Heart First Fundraising idea begun by a longtime student of The Radiance Technique®! The student, committed to TRTIA's Purposes and wanting to support the organization continuing for future generations, started it in 2005 by writing, "If we could get 100 people who would commit to giving $1000 [or more] each year to TRTIA, then TRTIA would have a baseline operating budget of $100,000 and the other donations would be even more for abundance. . . We could call it The Radiant Thousand Dollar Club. . . dedicated to Abundance in Light!" The student explains that the club would not be limited to 100 donors and that people could set aside $100 each month, throughout the year. After only 10 months, they would have contributed $1000.

TRTIA supports your participation in The Radiant Thousand Dollar Club by giving you many ways to join! You can join others who regularly send $100 per month by check. Set up an automatic payment from your bank and the bank will mail the check. You can use a form (PDF file) and have TRTIA charge a credit card each month on a date you choose for $100 (please write each date that you want your card to be charged). Some people choose to set aside $100 per month themselves and then in January send TRTIA one check for $1000. You can also set up a monthly payment from Paypal, sent to TRTIA(at), and Paypal will simply send the money each month for you...there are various options which can fit your schedule.

Thanks to all those who have joined The Radiant Thousand Dollar Club and those who have continued each year since 2005!

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